• Viaggia in Bus

    Viaggia in Bus

    Una vacanza relax comincia dal viaggio. Scegli il modo più confortevole ed economico per raggiungere l’isola di Ischia.

  • Our Hotels

    Our Hotels

    The best hotels on the island of Ischia, the best prices on the web. Choose the hotel you like best.

  • Discover Ischia

    Discover Ischia

    An unforgettable holiday awaits you on the island of Ischia.

  • What to see on Ischia

    Ischia is a large island with great historical, architectural and cultural heritage. This section illustrates some of the countless places to discover and fall in love with.

  • Beaches

    Ischia's spacious beaches are sun-kissed all year round. Unforgettable Mediterranean gems.

  • Hot springs

    Hot waters for wellbeing, beautifying muds, saunas for cleansing the lungs. Ischia’s gold: hot springs.

  • Thermal Parks

    Water courses in flower-filled gardens. Thermal paradises overlooking the sea. Ischia’s thermal water parks are the perfect place for health and beauty.

  • Food & Wine

    The many flavours of the island of Ischia from the land and sea. A holiday to be savoured at the table too.

  • Festivals & Traditions

    Patron saint feast days on the island of Ischia are unmissable events where you can learn all about local tradition and folklore.

  • Night Life

    Ischia, sunny by day, sparkling by night. The dolce vita begins on the island when the sun goes down. Night-life hot spots

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