Citara beach and its spectacular sunsets

Citara beach is in the municipality of Forio, on the western side of the island of Ischia. It is an extensive lido with various private beach clubs, a free beach, restaurants and a bar.

The bay is very large. On one side it culminates in the green hill of Punta Imperatore with its characteristic lighthouse. There are numerous rocks in the sea, including some with very interesting shapes, meaning that the view from Citara is truly magnificent.

However, Forio’s beach is at its very best at sunset, when it provides the stage for one of the most breathtaking spectacles you can see on the island. The sun goes down slowly over the sea, lighting up the sky and water in a magnificent palette of colours and shades of pink, orange and purple.

There are public bus links to Citara beach. However, on cooler days it only takes around half an hour to walk there from the centre of Forio along the coastal path. Citara is also home to Ischia’s biggest thermal park: the Giardini di Poseidon.

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