Ischia’s thermal muds. Health and beauty

Like its waters, Ischia’s thermal muds are also a natural remedy with an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. They can be used to treat musculoskeletal, skin, cardiovascular, respiratory and genital diseases and disorders.

What is in the thermal muds? Clay, thermal water and plant microorganisms. Heat and active substances make mud therapy a very ancient recipe for wellbeing for the whole body, but also for beauty treatments. After the application of a thermal mud mask, the face and body shine with renewed youthfulness, leaving the skin toned and glowing. It can also be used for the effective treatment of cellulite, localised fat and stretchmarks.

How is the treatment performed? The mud is spread over the face and body and left to act for around half an hour, before being removed and rinsed off with a thermal shower.
The advice given for thermal baths also applies to mud treatments: those wanting to treat a specific disorder will need to consult a doctor of thermal medicine.

  • Hot springs

    Wellbeing that flows through the water. Ischia’s hot springs

  • Muds


    Ischia’s thermal muds. Health and beauty

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    Healing hands, beautifying hands. Massages at Ischia’s spas

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