Riva Destra

The night is young at Ischia Porto: the Rive Droite

The Riva Destra or Rive Droite of Ischia’s harbour is one of the island’s busiest night-life spots. With a whole series of inns, taverns, restaurants and disco pubs, this side of Ischia’s harbour is very popular with tourists day and night. On hot summer evenings it’s the perfect place for an aperitif at sunset or a seafood supper, eaten to the sound of a guitar or Neapolitan songs.

The rhythm picks up gradually as the night progresses. The night life really takes off at about midnight, with some people out for a late-night stroll and others dancing in between the tables, forming a colourful crowd of all ages on the Riva, while people on the yachts moored to the bollards dine on oysters and champagne. An unmissable place for those who love night life, but also for those who want to eat lunch overlooking the harbour on a fine sunny day.

  • Riva Destra

    The night is young at Ischia Porto: the Rive Droite

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